Minutemen Toy Soldiers

John Jenkins Designs

Battle on Snowshoes 1758

SBX-01 27th Regiment of Foot - Christmas Set    
SB-02 27th Regiment of Foot - Infantry Advancing    
SB-03 27th Regiment of Foot - Sergeant and Corporal    
SF-01 French Marines - Set 1    
SF-02 French Marines - Set 2    
  SF-03 French Regulars - 3 figures Skirmishing
  SRR-01 Rogers Rangers - Set 1    
  SRR-02 Rogers Rangers - Set 2    
  SRR-03 Scalping Set    
  SRR-04 The Captive    
  SRR-05 Evacuation of the Wounded Charles Pelham
  SRR-06 He Ain't Heavey, He's My Brother (1 pc)
  SRR-07 Winter Campers and Fireplace (4 pcs)
  SRR-08 Winter Bush Tent
  SRR-09 "Falling Back!" $58  
  SRR-10 "FIGHT & FLIGHT" Maj. Robert Rogers and Woodland Indian 2 figures
SWI-01 Woodland Indians Set 1
SWI-02 Woodland Indians Set 2
  SWI-03 Woodland Indians Set 3    
SWI-04 "A Little Help?"
SF-04 French Militia #1 Skirmishing (3pc)
  SF-05 French Militia #2 Skirmishing (3pc) $59  
SF-07 Ensign Langy
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