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Shows we are attending

John Jenkins Designs

10th Anniversary Raid on St. Francis Virginia Provincial Regiment
18th Century Collection First Sudan War Wellington in India
100 Years War Gempei War 1180-1185 Whiskey, Scalps, and Beaver Pelts
Age of Arthur Great War (WWI) Woodland Indians
Ancients Collection Inter-War Aviation Mongol Invasion of Japan
American Civil War Jacobite Rebellion 1745 War of 1812
AWI Knights of the Skies United States British
Battle of Bushy Run Peninsular War 1807 - 1814 Battle on the Monongahela, 1755
Battle of Fort Ticonderoga People's Liberation Army - China Highlanders British French
Battle of Leuthen 1757 Second World War Battle of Quebec - Plains of Abraham
Battle on Snowshoes Spanish Civil War British French Louisbourg
Collectors Club Speedbird Collection 400th anniversary of Quebec
Commemorative Figure
Conquest of America Trojan Wars
Drums Along the Mohawk Thunder on the Plains