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All of the metal prepainted prepacked toy soldiers we sell from manufacturers such as King & Country, First Legion, Thomas Gunn Miniatures, John Jenkins Designs, Team Miniatures, War Park, Xuan Hua, William Britains, etc. are made of a tin alloy which is more commonly known as pewter. The paint used is non toxic and lead free.

Not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Any other specific questions regarding the products we sell, please call or email me and I will more than happy to assist you.

Welcome to the Minutemen Toy Soldiers Website, I appreciate your interest in my company and product offerings. I am a full time toy soldier retailer, in addition to my website, I also sell toy soldiers via my Ebay store and at the various toy soldier and wargaming shows I attend around the country throughout the year. I carry all the major matte finished metal ranges, plus scenic items as well as current 1/32nd and 1/72nd scale plastics and also wargaming figures, vehicles and terrain. I buy collections as well, so I also have stock of vintage matte finished metal, gloss and plastic toy soldiers.

As you look through the website please note if an item is listed with NO PRICE, it means that item is retired by the manufacturer and we no longer hold stock on it.

Additionally, if you're looking for a particular retired item please let me know and I'll contact you should I come into that item via a collection purchase.

If you have questions or need information you can contact me at: gguerriero@msn.com or reach me direct at 617-462-5431, thank you again for your interest.

George Guerriero
Minutemen Toy Soldiers